Radford Farm, Somerset, BA2 0QF
01458 448 185

Stalls and Stands

Festival of Contemporary Folk, Roots and Traditional Music


The festival is held on the Radford Mill Farm, a long-term project which houses many interesting people on the land who in one way or another contribute to making the Farm what it is –A Safe Haven. The festivals help the farm to pay bills, involve the community and share the lovely farm with others. The Farm team grows, cooks, and serves the food for the festivals and provides the drinks and runs the bars on site. There are no plans at the moment to have guest bars/food outlets on the site. If you are interested in a long-term relationship with the farm, perhaps using their fresh organic food in your enterprise please contact the Farm Team. Contact details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/RadfordMillFarm


We rarely have stalls at the festival. The festival is small with a maximum footfall of 500 guests and so is not a huge market for most things. As mentioned above there are no plans for Food or Drink stalls. Generally, any stalls at the event will be run by those who currently live and/or work on the farm/mill site. The only exception is that we allow bands who perform to sell their merchandise during and after their performances.